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Anne Sexton Love Poems

Here is a list of Anne Sexton Love Poems

  1. That Day
  2. The Touch
  3. The Kiss
  4. The Breast
  5. Just Once

Anne Sexton has brought romantics and intimacy in love poetry to a new level. Born in Massachusetts and raised in a patriarchal family, she nursed her strong voice as a female literator of a new kind. Anne was a confessional poet meaning that she would write about her personal experiences, relationships and private life for the public eye. Her work was also an ode to the beauty and sensation of affection, and the angst of losing loved ones. All that brought her the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 1967 and made her name forever famous.

The poetess is known to have written about love throughout her whole career. However, her most acknowledged compilation of ballads is ‘Love Poems’ (1989) which celebrates sensuality and passion. It includes such pieces as ‘That Day’, ‘The Touch’, ‘It’s a Spring Afternoon’, ‘Song for a Lady’ and many others which expose Anne’s elaborated writing style and deep thoughts on love, pain, woman’s role and even mortality. Moreover, when poems were not enough to express her feelings she co-created a jazz band called ‘Her Kind’ and began combining music, lively beats and her bewildering word.

American poetry is in a boundless debt before Anne Sexton’s dark, gruesome but bold spree of inspirational verses. Her original figures of speech and surrealistic comparisons make us look upon love from a new, more impressionable perspective. ‘As it has been said: Love and a cough cannot be concealed. Even a small cough. Even a small love.’ There reason is that she was one of the first who’d tell us a story of her poetic ‘self’ intertwining it with immense emotional intensity, complex psychology of fondness and longing for warmth and being needed.

Anne Sexton’s love poetry might seem controversial and confusing for a reader, at first. However, this complexity is justified by her delicate and almost psychic perception which will leave no one indifferent.